Constant efforts are made by Darmex Agro to reduce production costs while maintaining quality levels and environmental control.
In order to support the consistency in the quality of the palm oil produced, each mill has its own laboratory with well-equipped supporting facilities. Examination of palm oil and palm kernel quality are continuously performed to achieve international quality standards. Through this effort, Darmex Agro can maintain its product excellence for its customers.
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By 2008, supported by 48 plantation estates, the company currently operates 10 palm oil mills, including three built in 2003 and 2004, with a total processing capacity of 1,416,000 tons of fresh fruit bunch (FFB).
In Riau, the utilisation rate of milling capacity varied from 65 % to 75%. Besides processing its own Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB), Darmex Agro also purchase a portion of fresh fruit bunches either from plantations close to its mills from small-holders. The company always plan ahead to allocate sufficient processing capacity during peak harvesting seasons.

The mills are optimumly maintained to ensure efficient processing of FFB with low daily balance.

Due to varying age of palms, quality of fruits and other agronomy factors, the extraction rate of CPO in our mills vary from 20% to 24% with kernel extraction rates from 4% to 5%.