PT Darmex Biofuels is a subsidiary of Darmex Agro Group, one of leading palm oil producer in Indonesia. Established since 1999, The Company was established to cater to the world’s need for an alternative sustainable energy. Injecting heavy investments, Darmex Biofuels is ready to supply to customers with biodiesel that exceeds the requirements of the international standard.

We use RBD PO/ RBD Stearine as raw material; our Biodiesel products meet both the EN14214 and ASTM6751-03 specification. Technical grade 85% crude glycerin is the by-product from Biodiesel production

Our Product:

Biodiesel (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester)
FAME D-12: Raw Material RBD PO
FAME D-18: Raw Material RBDS