Vision, Mission & Values


To become “The Leading Sustainable Palm Oil Company in Indonesia”.



To achieve the Vision, we defined our MISSIONS as follows:

  • Focusing on the expansion of integrated Palm Oil businesses
  • Build & develop downstream product for achieving maximum profitability and productivity
  • Providing products with the highest quality standards
  • Achieving maximum value and/or returns for our shareholders and stakeholders
  • Human Resource Development  and providing employment to the people of Indonesia
  • Care for the well being and happiness of our employees as well as for all  Indonesians


Having knowledge, skill, capability and expertise to do achieve of what is being tasked.

Execution of task with complete responsibility, discipline and dedication

Best result oriented
Completion of tasks effectively and efficiently in order to achieve the best possible results

Positive attitude

Exhibit encouraging behavior towards the creation of a mutually appreciative and conducive working environment                    

Continuous improvement
Continuously enhance the capability of self, working unit and organizations to obtain the best results


Generating fresh ideas and create new products/tools/systems that can increase productivity and Company's growth.

Cultivate the spirit of understanding and implementing the company's core values as part of the DUTAPALMA family.