To Employees

Darmex Agro advocate strong social responsibility to its employee and surroundings. For example, each plantation is fully equiped with living facilities, such as school procurements, housing amneties, health centres, as well as religious institutions and recreation facilities for its employees 

Employee’s Training and Education

  • Seminars, external / in-house career path training

Family Gathering

  • Manage activities with all employees to develop communication and improving relations between management and employees, also workers interpersonally.

Provide scholarships for employee’s children.

  • Provides scholarship for employees whom levels are staffs, to their children whose studying achievements are excellent. à from primary to high school.

There are total of 70 staff and 1.035 workers in our mills. They provided with adequate housing supplied with treated water and electricity from the mills. Staffs are trained in professionalism in dealing with mill problems.